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Speedo USA

For no project was ever the same, one day we were using Flash and AS3 for homepage and product layouts, the next we were using SilverStripe to scrape the site for product data, an automated process used to support Explore Speedo. Later we ported the site scraping engine to CakePHP, to improve database performance.

We pushed the features of Flash AS3 to their limits by developing smart loading content that react lightning quick and call data on-the-fly and only when needed.

We also pushed their e-commerce initiatives by completing multiple marketing campaigns on a short timeline, ensuring timely turnaround for the rest of the team at Speedo USA. We even made a QR code linked page that is optimized for smart phones like the iPhone and Android OS phones.

We expanded their social network experience by building rich content that fit right into the Facebook frame, allowing custom Speedo widgets that connect to their fans on a deeper level.

Updating and maintaining

Managing Speedo USA social networking

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