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About Immortal Wolf - a full moon

About immortal wolf

We have been serving rich web applications and content since 2004, although immortal wolf was first conceived in 2005. The official birthday of immortal wolf is 05/05/05.

Our logo and mascot, the noble wolf, was chosen due to the love of the species as well as the ideas inherent and comparable to good service: teamwork, leadership, "pack mentality", and their cultural representation as a foundation. Just like the rapid growth of Norse wolf Fenrir, immortal wolf can grow with the needs of any client.

Our Mission

We love a challenge and enjoy developing web sites/applications that need cutting-edge features while maintaining a stable and efficient framework. We have a strong mind for development across all platforms, but also a keen sense for aesthetic design, front-end graphics, as well as visually intuitive interfaces.

We service the greater Los Angeles area, including Manhattan, Downtown Los Angeles, the South Bay, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Santa Monica, and more!

In an industry where people are becoming more and more specialized in just one field, we stand out from the pack by diversifying our talents and expertise from coding, to web graphics, design, and gaming.

About You

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